Prines village of Rethymno prefecture in Crete, is a village located 6 km from Rethymno town. It is considered as a place which is ideal for anyone who wants to relax in the calmness of nature and experience the combination of contemporary culture and tradition. Some of the traditional characteristics of the village are the detached houses with big yards, stone staircases, arches, domes etc. All the renovations and restorations of the houses have been done with respect to tradition.

The settlement has been classified as a “preserved traditional settlement” thus retaining its traditional style and character. Before World War II, Prines was the capital of a commune consisting of the nearby villages of Vederi, Gerani and Atsipopoulo. Prines also used to be an important place during the Venetian occupation of Crete (1204-1669 AD). According to local traditions, its name derives either from a Venetian lord who lived there or after a very common bush called “Prinos” or “Prinari” that flourishes in the area. The village church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, dates from the 13th century.

The village offers a variety of activities. There are areas suitable for safe cycling as well as areas suitable for hiking, such as paths leading to Vederi or the popular gorge of the region. The location of Prines is situated amphitheatrically, so there are many spots in the village from which you can enjoy an amazing view. It is certain that you will never forget the lush greenery, the incredible view of Vederi gorge and the sierra of Lefka Ori (White Mountains) and of course the unforgettable vast sea view from Rethymno to Akrotiri peninsula. Finally, the village provides three remarkable taverns, one café-bar and a mini-market, and a 5×5 football court.